Monday, January 31, 2011

A Final Thought for Israel

The State of Israel has out of any nation – not only in the region but the world-at-large – the most to lose from the removal of Hosni Mubarak. Ian Black outlines in The Guardian their nightmare scenario, the “abrogation of the peace treaty under pressure from an Egyptian public that has always been hostile to it.” Amos Harel in Haaretz argues that such a scenario would “bring about changes in the Israel Defence Forces and worsen the Israeli economy.”

Thus, on the one hand, I can understand why Netanyahu feels the need to order his cabinet to “refrain from commenting publicly on the unfolding drama”, lest their words change the situation on the ground, or worse, allow Cairo’s dinosaur to somehow cling onto power.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but feel that, in not making the necessary noises in support of democratic reform like the United States has done, Israel is bringing on a collapse of diplomatic relations with whatever sort of polity emerges from the desert sands. Even if the current administration does remain in office, it seems evident that it would not include Hosni Mubarak, in the long term at least.

A new government is inevitable: it would do Israel the world of good to stop enabling Mubarak now. There was little need, for example, for the Netanyahu administration to allow Egypt to move troops into the Sinai – a demilitarised zone since 1979. There was, too, no need at all to allow rumours to be banded about regarding Tel Aviv has a likely place of exile for Mubarak.

Israel needs to embody the principles the State was founded on: of a democratic homeland for a disenfranchised and subjugated people. This would require moving away from Mubarak. Netanyahu: Make it so.

(Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP)

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